Friday, April 15, 2011

Music and Memory

"The region of the brain where memories of our past are supported and retrieved also serves as a hub that links familiar music, memories and emotion."

Now I know why when I hear:

Earth, wind and fire Boogiewonderland I can feel the sunshine of 1979 on my face.

Dionne Warwick's Heartbreaker I get the sinking feeling that my heart is about to be broken (which at the time it was)

Spice Girls Wannabe I recall my eight month old staring fixedly open-mouthed at their brash video (previously having shown little interest in telly) and looking away in disinterest when it was over.

Kylie Minogue Can't get you out of my head the excitement of a family visit to Almaty, Kazakhstan. Kylie cavorting in her white shift dress on every television screen and "Na na na" on every overhead piped music system.

To name but a few.

What are yours?


Creepy Query Girl said...

oh god, there are so many songs that take me back. Hearing 3rd eye blind puts me back in my car senior year. Crazy.

Jeff Beesler said...

I've been listening a lot to country music songs that I originally heard when my grandmother was alive. Those songs bring back such sweet memories.

Thanks for posting, and pleased to meet you via the A-Z Challenge!

Susannah said...

You are so right.

Music has such power to take us back doesn't it. I find it really useful when trying to remember my past especially my young teenage years, to listen to the songs from that time and I am there again with all the feelings too!

Sometimes the songs take me unaware and the radio will play something I haven't heard for years and immediately I am thrust back into those times. So many records will do that to me, in fact I am sure I could almost do a sountrack to my life!

Mari G said...

Katie, thanks for introducing me to Third eye blind. First time for me. Nice to meet you through challenge!

Jeffrey, music sure does bring us back, sweet memories & sometimes not so sweet (for me anyway!) Thanks for dropping by

Susannah, when a song takes me unaware, I too am bounced back to a time and place of yore...amazing isn't it? I like the idea of a soundtrack to a life...that sounds really good!
Nice to hear from you.

Debbie said...

Call me uncool but it has to be the first time I heard Bob Dylan on my first holiday away from home age 10. Mr Tambourine Man was the aural version of deep fried Mars Bar with clotted cream - and has been ever since. Debbie

Mari G said...

Love Mr Tambourine Man too, reminds me of sunshine & haymaking