Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear Diary

I write by hand whatever comes to mind, a stream of consciousness, an ejection of freewriting. Some days the pages are covered with crooked, close to illegible, scrawls. Other days, letters are fine-edged, calm and even.

The emptying out of the goings-on in the brain, the absence of need to punctuate or obsess about syntax or phrasing -it's only me who's reading anyway. This is a no-editting-necessary purging of thoughts, followed by a surge of relief.

It's now all out of the system, down on paper, off the chest. The good, the bad and the ugly, placed honestly on a "For My Eyes Only" blueprint.

Best of all is days, weeks, months or even years on, reading back the worried bits.

I've survived. All is well. What on earth was I getting so het up about?

“Writing, expressing can heal us. It can focus, support, and enhance our lives and well-being. Whether we laugh or we cry, whether through sorrow or joy, we can understand more about ourselves, and each other, through keeping a journal, diary, or diaries.”
- Doreene Clement


Brianna said...

I love journaling too! It helps clear my mind, get my thoughts down, and it's so much fun to read years later.

Mari G said...

Hi Brianna. Lovely to hear from you.
I like your blog and am now a follower.
Journaling keeps me sane!

Jan Morrison said...

I use to journal, now I blog. I still write when I'm away by hand but mostly my thoughts go here. Come on by and have a cup of tea and chat with me in sunny Nova Scotia Jan Morrison

Mari G said...

Hi Jan.
My jumbled journaling thoughts are not ready for blogging. Yet.
Thanks for invite for tea and chat...I have stopped by your Crazy writing life and am now a follower.

Hot Cross Mum said...

Ahh, the dreaded teenage diary! Wonder if I'll look back on my blog in years to come and cringe the same way! Thanks for your comment on my ebook by the way.

Suzanne said...

I love writing freehand, and encourage my son to write his rough drafts that way. No, everything for him goes straight to the computer. Sigh.