Saturday, November 3, 2012

The influence of Katie Taylor

The woman from Bray is now an Olympic champion, a four-time world champion, and a five-time European champion
One of the highlights of this summer was Katie Taylor's
historically awe-inspiring win in London 2012 Olympics.
While I've never been a fan of boxing - it's just too close to blatantly violent behaviour for me - it's hard not to be a serious fan of Katie and the determination, zeal and all round Amazonian brilliance of the woman. Yes, truly, a refreshing role model.
Therefore when this item appeared on the "pester list" over the summer in our house,  there didn't seem to be a whole pile of reasons (thank you Argos for making it cheaply possible) not to succumb. Some dodgy drilling and a lot of grunting and lifting and there it was - on the wall of our front room.
Well, you have to admit, it is a change from your usual run-of-the- mill wall art.
And the violence is vented on a punchbag rather than a person.

Boxing gloves and all, it's keeping a few of the bored members of the family occupied.

Even women who should, at this stage, have more sense, are having a go.
A fine way to vent some frustration.
Katie, you have a lot to answer for.