Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Saying 'Goodbye' to my car of thirteen years

A relationship of thirteen years spans a range of life events. Parting is sorrowful. Okay, so my car is not human. But often I felt as if my little Suzuki Swift was a physical extension of me.  Another foot maybe. She even had a name - Suzy.
A special privacy was achieved in the solitude of my car.
In the quietness of my little space, worries were analysed, plans formulated, stories hatched. Suzy saw the arrival of my daughter, now twelve, as well as family bereavements.  She was my reliable steed during house moves, as I stuffed her little interior to the brim with furniture and fittings. She loyally transported me to readings, music sessions, meetings, festivals, supermarkets, job interviews, study days, book launches, visiting relatives, hospital appointments, schools, football matches, weddings, funerals, holidays. A constant in my life for thirteen long years.
Together we sped the roads of Kildare.
And now as she leaves me to start a new chapter in her life, I say 'Goodbye' to Suzy.