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When death comes calling July 2008

When sleep won't come August 2008

Money is linked to happiness November 2008

Music til the cows come home December 2008

Turning over a new leaf January 2009

A laugh a day is vital March 2009

Killer heels are a shoe-in for pain April 2009

Let the children play June 2009

Barking up the right tree July 2009

Weather and our moods September 2009

Promises of everlasting beauty October 2009

Why celebrity gossip is good for you November 2009

The meaning of Christmas December 2009

There's more to books than reading February 2010

Balancing those screens March 2010

Swearing is good for your health April 2010

Smell nose no bounds May 2010

Staycation -the new going away June 2010

The power of radio July 2010

Walking a thin line August 2010

It's the winning that counts September 2010

In the eye of the beholder October 2010

A Hippocratic oath for bankers November 2010

Sing away the blues January 2011

The smoking ban seven years on March 2011

The benefit of hindsight May 2011

The growth of cyberbullying June 2011

When role models fall short September 2011

The limits of sartorial influence October 2011

The real cost of erotic capital November 2011

Parents fight against 'obesogenic environment' January 2012

It's good to talk  March 2012

As good as the real thing May 2012