Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eurovision Song contest collides with Kildare Readers Festival

The Eurovision has long been a special night in our house. The unification of the continent by zany music, madcap costumes, frantic dance routines and blatantly political voting is a well loved family night.

Tonight, the contest collided with the Kildare Readers Festival club night which originally was to be held in Johnson's pub, Newbridge but was moved to the Riverbank Theatre to accomodate a Jedward party night!

So, after listening to an engaging Stories for the Ear

curated by Kildare author and playwright Neil Donnelly featuring ten stories from local writers,

I'm rushing off to watch the Eurovision.

Go, Jedward!


Debbie said...

Stories for the ear and hairstyles for the eye - you were spoilt for choice, Mari. I won't ask which worked better for you. I hear the Moldovan gnome hats were a hit (didn't waatch it, honest). Debbie

Mari G said...

Hi Debbie. The Moldovan hats were eye catching for sure...the music wasn't so easy on the ear though!

eileen said...

oh god.. i've lost my lipstick..