Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Dead Hairy" launch in Gutter Bookshop

Just back from the launch of Debbie Thomas' first children's novel Dead Hairy in the gorgeous, hip surroundings of Cows Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin where Bob Johnston of Gutter Bookshop gave all of us a warm welcome and served amongst other hair-related treats, lice krispies and dandruff covered cookies.

(So that's where the name of the shop comes from!)

First speaker was Mags Walsh, Director of Children's Books Ireland who described Dead Hairy as a "joy to read" with its "laugh out loud" passages. Mags made the interesting comment that often when she meets authors, their personalities don't project the energy of their writing but Debbie IS Dead Hairy (not literally of course)in the way she "radiates happiness and good humour".

We had a few words from Clodagh Feehan, Mercier Press, publishers of Dead Hairy

Debbie then read us a passage, in which we were introduced to a talking, shrunken head called "Fernando" who berated the heroines for "losing their tongues," with the words: "Your lose your tongues? No excuse. I lose mine four hundred and thirty year ago."

Reviews of Dead Hairy can be read on:

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