Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Erotic Capital

Averse as I am to ponificating on the merits or otherwise of a book I haven't even read, I will make an exception in the case of: "Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital" by Senior research fellow at London School of Economics, Catherine Hakim.

As per Hakim, erotic capital can be described as a "combination of beauty, sex appeal, skills of self-presentation and social skills" and should be exploited by women in the workplace at all times in order to earn
15% more than their dowdier, less-attentive-to-their-appearance workmates.

Since the book was released in the last few months, I've gorged on the delicious, divisive on-line debate generated by "Honey Money."- lurker that I am. 

And while I swirl somewhere between:
(a) being horrified that the shallow premise of 'good looking is best' is being touted as a viable concept that should be taught to young girls -whah? (Hakim cites a well known "fashion model" who has exploited every cosmetic enhancement possible to make millions as being a fine example of good use of erotic capital)
(b) being horrified that such an obvious and well-worn concept (i.e. better looking people are more successful than ugly ones) is the subject of a widely reviewed book. How on earth did Hakim generate sixty thousand words on the subject? 

I accept with cheerful resignation that in my workplace, exploiting erotic capital is something of which I can only dream.


Niamh said...

Great post!
Oh lordy, the title says it all -Honey money! I wondered too, how could anyone write more than a sentence on that subect!
Its such old hat, and hardly rocket science...

and playing up beauty/ sex appeal increasing earning power ? Am I missing something? Hardly how the guys got to earn more for the last couple of decades ...strutting their tushes up and down the offices? (Oh minister, you've a fine figure on you, go run this damn country!)

Debbie said...

Hmm, wonder how the Magnificent Seven would score. Do you think we could cobble together a bestseller on Presidential capital? Seems being called Mary and wearing svelte suits scores well. Great post, Mari, and I share your horror/amazement. Debbie X

Lola X said...

Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

Lola x

Mari G said...

Niamh - I couldn't resist the subject. Like your image of the minister with the 'fine figure'
Debbie -I agree we could certainly do with some tips on Presidential capital!
Lola -thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

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