Thursday, October 27, 2011

A President in a time of recession

This is it. The day has finally arrived.

The first presidential debate sees the ‘Magnificent Seven’ lay their cards on the table

After the deluge of debate, digging up  the dirt, defending the indefensible, blowing of own trumpets, hogging of airwaves, newspapers and screens, the time of reckoning has come.

All other news has overshadowed by an endless stream of incriminating snippets from  shady pasts. At least four of the candidates must surely wish they didn't bother, so rampant have the skeletons from the cupboard been.

So, despite thinking that in a time of recession, maybe we should have done a hachet job on the position altogether,

I still did my civic duty at 9am this morning.

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Debbie said...

As a non-Irish observer, I was delighted with the result. Well voted, Ireland! DX