Monday, October 31, 2011

Hail Halloween

Ok, I admit it. As far as Halloween is concerned, I've always been in the "Bah, Humbug" department.

I know, I know. Wrong season. But you know what I mean. All this orange and black and forced zombieism leaves me cold.

 Maybe it's because in the depths of rural Ireland where I was brought up, we never seemed to do much celebrating of Halloween. Or maybe because Christmas is so hot on Halloween's heels that it feels like overkill. Or maybe I'm just a straight descendant of Ebenezer. Whatever.

Either way, the existence of younger, more enthusiastic people in my life has ensured that Halloween is celebrated in my house, with or without me.

Our front door has entered into the spirit of the occasion.
Our front windows are not exactly welcoming.

Best of all, a sheep's skull, retrieved from a Connemara mountain during the summer by my thirteen year old, which I had denounced as at the time as a 'health hazard' but had to concede the battle as far as bringing it home was concerned,

has been resurected for the occasion,

is now pride of place at the front door,

all re-invented with new psychedelic eyeballs.

The sight of it in the front porch made even Scrooge's descendant smile.


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Debbie said...

I'm with you on the 'Bah, humbug!' front, Mari. But I have to admire the eyeballed sheep - brilliant! What creative ghoulishness. Great post. DX

eileen k said...

Love the sheep's head. your son has good taste!
I love Halloween, I like the atmosphere it creates when kids dress up and go wandering around the estates etc doing trick or treat and the craziness of it and the way people put all the mad decorations on their houses. I am always a bit disappointed every year when no-one calls to my house as i do not live in an estate.
The artist Michael Fortune has been recording his mother dressing up every Halloween to go and visit her mother down the road and do trick or treat! some of the videos are on show in the Riverbank at the moment. they are really quaint! Eileen k