Monday, September 26, 2011

Musings on Flash - RIP

Having a caged animal, in this case, a gekko, living in the house with me has never really sat comfortably. Even though I did console myself that if he were wandering free in the jungle, a larger animal would probably have stood on him or gobbled him whole long ago.

Perhaps Flash had lived a long life before he came to live with us (my thirteen year old didn't enquire his age when he bought Flash three months ago with birthday money) and had come to his natural end.

Perhaps the routine my son upheld, as best as he could, was not enough:
*Soil sieved daily
*Tape worms purchased and fed manually every couple days to Flash
*Water changed daily
*Soil purchased and changed weekly
*Flash walked every couple of days
*Light simulating daylight turned on and off morning and night.

We are observing a period of mourning.

As for me - I'm tempted to think that being caged for life was a worse option, that maybe Flash has chosen the better route.


Susannah said...

RIP Flash. :-(

Mari G said...

Thanks Susannah. I guess it's a morbid little post but I wanted to give him a mention.
Nice to hear from you.

Rita C said...

Hi Mari, I'm not convinced that a good home, reliable food and good company even in a confined space, is all that bad. The alternative? Freedom to roam the earth searching for a good home, reliable food and good company in the great wilderness of modern society! I think it's a case of 'Daddy or Chips'?

Mari G said...

Hi Rita
I like your "Daddy or Chips" angle on Flash's captivity -never really thought of it like that...just looked at the cage and kept envisaging him in the jungle, free & independent (& probably eaten..)

Good to hear from you (and that my comment section is working!)

Debbie said...

Reptilian condolences, Mari. Judging by his daily requirements, it sounds like Flash was just too delicate for this life. Hope the grieving isn't too sore. Debbie

Mari G said...

Hi Debbie

Amazing how time heals wounds. Grieving has lessened and replacement already being tentatively suggested -am remaining schtum on that bit...
Good to see you - thankfully technology has returned to full service!