Thursday, July 7, 2011

A River runs through it

An unfulfilled dream of mine has been to live by the sea.

To walk the beach every day, feel the sea breeze on my face, witness the moodiness of the waves, smell the seaweed.

Oh yes, there is a river running through my town but it doesn't have the drama, energy and sweep of the sea.

In the last month, I've discovered a newly re-furbished river walkway, just down the road from me.

Now every day I'm taking in the shine and shadow on the water

and the sunshine in the trees.

bringing me to the conclusion that what you are looking for is often right there under your nose, if you just open your eyes.


eileen said...

Lovely photos Mari, I think I recognise it as down from my house, but where do you get on to this walkway?
I think a lot of us have that dream of a house by the sea- I want mine to be on a slight hill overlooking the beach but a walk down of less than a hundred yards/metres. I imagine sitting in my conservatory / studio which will have a glass wall overlooking the ocean and the wind howling and the waves crashing in the winter...the reality would probably be cold and grim, but I'm not giving up on the dream for now...even if I have to rent sometime in my old age when I am free of other responsibilities!

Mari G said...

Hi Eileen, thanks for stopping by.
It's the walkway that leads to the Strand, all newsly refurbished.
I love your description of your dream house by the sea, interesting that you've thought about it too!

Susannah said...

Oh so true, that what you are looking for is often right there in front of our eyes!

I too dream of living by the Sea and walking the shoreline and clifftops daily and smelling the salty air.

But your photos show a beautiful place to walk down by the river and if I lived near that, that would do me!...for now. ;-)

Really lovely pictures!

Mari G said...

Hi Susannah
You too dream of living by the sea...interesting. Glad you like my pictures. Sun hasn't shone as brightly since the morning I took them, so my timing was lucky.
Lovely to hear from you!

Debbie said...

How true, Mari. I'm so glad you've found a soul spot under your nose. I have to admit that mountains have always done it for me more than the sea ... until I came to Ireland. Your water is so moody and mysterious. What beautiful photos. Debbie

Mari G said...

Thanks Debbie
My soul spot (like that!) looked a bit soggy this morning after the rain but still lovely.