Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A New Therapy

I'm a comfortable attendee of the Joan Rivers school of homemaking.

"I hate housework! You make the beds, you do the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again."

And while this is not my fridge - well at least not the last time I looked at it...

I am inclined to be partial to this:

So, you can imagine my alarm, when a recent flurry of cleaning gave me, wait for it, a buzz! Witnessing the metamorphosis from muck stained, food smudged floor, to pristine shiny, brought on a most unexpected glow of satisfaction. Scrubbing of walls, windows, mirrors and standing back to see the result, felt, oh the shame of it, just GREAT!
I carried around my guilty secret for weeks until I spotted, hidden in the far corner of the daily newspaper, a wonderful piece of news.

Bonham Carter Finds Housework Therapeutic

HELENA BONHAM CARTER delights in cleaning her home - she feels she has undergone therapy after scrubbing her kitchen until it gleams.

The Alice In Wonderland star, who has two kids with director Tim Burton, uses her housework to relieve tension and admits she finds doing chores and acting in films more helpful than seeing a psychologist.

She says, "I've discovered the therapy of cleaning. I used to be retarded domestically but now I understand that if you put your house in order, it gets your head in order as well. I know all about (cleaning product) Cillit Bang, which I use on the cooker.

"I've done therapy and it was helpful, but with acting I dream every day, scream and get the tensions out. And you're paid for that rather than paying for a therapist."


You go, Helena!


Susannah said...

Great post. :-)

I am with you on your view of housework but very occasionally I have found the therapeutic benefits of house cleaning! Unfortunately it is rather a sporadic urge.

Anonymous said...

like the blog but don't like housework either.