Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lucinda's List Launch

When a member of your writers' group reaches the Holy Grail and lands a publishing deal, you can't help but bask in the collateral glow.

Clane Writers plus friends, together with Olive Collins' fans, swelled the seams of
Barker and Jones bookshop, Naas, Co Kildare (Ireland) this evening to help launch the witty and fabulous Lucinda's List(Book Republic).

Kildare based, award winning writer and artist (and Clane writer)Eileen Keane did the honours, reminding us that holding your published book, is like holding your baby for the first time. You've longed for it, waited for the moment and now you're thrilled beyond words it's yours.
Eileen read us excerpts from "Lucinda List" demonstrating Olive's skillful weaving of the dark - Lucinda's suicide attempt following a failed love affair, with the irresistibly zany -the antics of wild child Alice and her exotic boyfriend, nicknamed 'The Sickly Prince'.

I headed proudly off with my signed copy of Lucinda's List.

and couldn't help but ponder on how things are supposed to happen in threes and because this is the second book deal in Clane Writers in recent months (Debbie Thomas' Dead Hairy)

(spotted in Hodges Figgis, Dublin, yesterday)

Could we make a hat-trick in Clane Writers'? list


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming Mari, although I dread those events I enjoyed the Kildare Launch. cheers Olive

Mari G said...

Wouldn't have missed it.
Hope sales are still flying.

eileen said...

Great launch overall. I was there yesterday at the launch of 'Original Sins' for Ilona and the others from the Kilkenny course and the staff have made a lovely individual stand for olive's books. looks really well. eileen k

Debbie said...

Sounds a great evening Mari and well done Olive for a fab job. Debbie

Mari G said...

Hi Eileen.
Well done on your launching. A new job beckons!

Mari G said...

Hi Debbie
Relieved to see the comments working..seems to be a bit temperamental but at least sorted for the moment anyway.