Monday, January 17, 2011

The Writing in the Sky

In early January, Sligo writer Dermot Healy was the subject of RTE One's "Art's Lives."
The documentary was patiently shot and the beauty of the Sligo coastline & the wild geese that fly in the grey skies, as much the stars of the programme as the writer himself. Dermot came across as gentle and convivial and his chats with American writer Tess Gallagher and local writer Leland Bardwell were interesting and engaging.
I had a special interest in watching this programme in that Dermot's wife, Helen, worked in banking in Sligo in the eighties, the same time as me, and we met up, socially, for many's the night on the town. (Hello, Helen, if you're reading this)
I was delighted to read a mention of "The Writing in the Sky" on a blog I love,
A brilliant quote there from Dermot: "Sleep is a great editor."

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