Thursday, January 13, 2011

Naked, Drunk, and Writing

I am a writer, former banker, former keep-fit teacher, full time mum and occasional finance tutor. I like to cast my eye over the wonder of life, to marvel at the simple stuff, to indulge in gratitude and sometimes have a rant. A lot of my writing has a health angle and articles on sleep, smell, music, laughter, reading and more have been published as opinion columns in "Irish Medical News" magazine. My fiction leans towards crime and a serialised murder story has been published in "Ireland's Issues" magazine. My (nearly finished) crime novella "Secrets from a Bank Vault" tells of murky memories that rise to the surface when an Irish bank goes bust. The latter is in the process of a re-write....oh the stamina needed to finish that book.

Anyway, to mark the occasion of the dipping of my toe into the daunting waters of blogging, I have just started reading the very appropriately entitled: "Naked, Drunk, and Writing." by American author Adair Lara. Lara is an awarding winning columnist and answers questions such as: "How do I make myself write when I'm too scared or lazy or busy?" and tells us that if we don't show any emotion in our writing neither will our readers.



Best of luck with it all, Mari. The blogging swiftly becomes addictive! Nuala x

Susannah said...

Welcome to the blogging world, it very soon becomes addictive! :-)