Saturday, April 6, 2013

Waiting in Orlando, Florida

A study somewhere suggests that the average adult spends the equivalent of a year waiting in a queue.
 I won't risk guessing how much of our one week visit over Easter to Orlando, Florida, USA, was spent waiting in line. Lines at coffee shops - fifteen minutes, fast food outlets - forty five minutes, restaurants - twenty minutes, restrooms - ten minutes. The most memorable, though,  was the line inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, on the way to

As we moved slowly along,

contemplating how Harry never had to wait this long to get into his beloved boarding school, I admit the two hours did fly.

When finally we got there, five minutes later, we were outside again.

All the queuing aside, you would have to be spilling over with mean spiritedness not to be infected with wonder at the spectacle of the Orlando Theme Parks.
The colourful underwater life
and the dolphin shows
at Sea World.

The madcap Horror Make up Show at Universal Studios that was more comedy than horror,

The Jurassic Park ride, which I sat out due to a fractured wrist(long story, for another blog post) 

While sitting out on a grass verge, I watched the world go by and eavesdropped (nosey person that I am) conversations, mostly people arguing about what they wanted to do next, such is the hugeness of activity  choice.



The hilarious Simpsons ride, on which I did venture, only to be mistaken by Maggie for a soother, and be vigourously chewed.
Fantastic break dance displays by Streetbreakz.

The stunning Aquatica,  where man made beaches and endless water slides entertained my fellow travellers and allowed me to do what I enjoy most -

put my feet up and savour the greatness of Lorrie Moore's Birds of America



Anonymous said...

Apart from the queues, everything sounds fantastic. I must be the only person in the world who hasn't read one of the Harry Potter books, must definitely read one to see what all the fuss is about. Hope you enjoyed the Bird of America.

Mari G said...

Hi Olive. Harry P is worth a read, you are welcome to borrow mine if interested lol.
Orlando fantastic - was delighted to touch down in Dublin though, homebird that I am.

Anonymous said...
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