Saturday, November 3, 2012

The influence of Katie Taylor

The woman from Bray is now an Olympic champion, a four-time world champion, and a five-time European champion
One of the highlights of this summer was Katie Taylor's
historically awe-inspiring win in London 2012 Olympics.
While I've never been a fan of boxing - it's just too close to blatantly violent behaviour for me - it's hard not to be a serious fan of Katie and the determination, zeal and all round Amazonian brilliance of the woman. Yes, truly, a refreshing role model.
Therefore when this item appeared on the "pester list" over the summer in our house,  there didn't seem to be a whole pile of reasons (thank you Argos for making it cheaply possible) not to succumb. Some dodgy drilling and a lot of grunting and lifting and there it was - on the wall of our front room.
Well, you have to admit, it is a change from your usual run-of-the- mill wall art.
And the violence is vented on a punchbag rather than a person.

Boxing gloves and all, it's keeping a few of the bored members of the family occupied.

Even women who should, at this stage, have more sense, are having a go.
A fine way to vent some frustration.
Katie, you have a lot to answer for.


Paul Anthony Shortt said...

Hehe, brilliant!

Katie Taylor is fantastic, though. It's great to see how she is with her fans, too. Always humble, always has loads of time for them.

Debbie said...

Poetry in motion, Mari, and it beats duffing up your sibling any day. I'm not sure this house will manage a punch bag but we might hang up a pillow or two. DX

Mari G said...

Paul - Katie is a wonderful sportswoman, great role model.
Debbie - sibling duffing up has thankfully reduced since it arrived x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice to have a role model not hidden behind a few layers of make-up with real hear and reasonably sized eye-lashes.

Eileen Keane said...

Good one Mari! Always takes a woman to change attitudes....

Mari G said...

Olive - Katie is very refreshingly herself! Hope all well with you

Eileen - here's to girl power!

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