Saturday, December 10, 2011

Watching television the modern way

Shane Hegarty's article in today's Irish Times here got me thinking about the telly and how things have changed since I were a lass.

Gone are the days (in my house anyway)when the family cluster around the one and only box and watch the same programme.
In one room, I've this.

In another, this.

I guess I could come across all disapproving of this anti-social type screen viewing. There's surely nothing very sociable about each of us on our own private screen. But here's the thing: one of the most tired and worn telly programmes,  the Late Late Show (RTE One, Friday nights)(Sorry, Ryan) is transformed by a 'modern' way of viewing.

 You can now keep your eye on a bunch of internet hecklers, watching the same telly programme as you, who emit a running (often cruel but mostly hilarious) commentary on the show via your lap top.


Reading the comments on when I suppose I should be giving the show my full and undivided attention, is as entertaining (nearly) as watching my two favourite hecklers from The Muppet show.


Debbie said...

Sounds brilliant Mari - that must have spiced up your Friday viewing. I wonder how long before pupils are inter-heckling the teacher during maths lessons. Hope you're doing well. DebbieX

Mari G said...

Hi Debbie.
It has certainly spiced up my viewing but I do admit it's not exactly sociable and reserved for one night only!
Nice to hear from you