Sunday, January 22, 2012

Coffee shops I love

The ambience in some coffee shops makes the experience so much more than a cup of coffee.  There's the smell of baking bread and brewing coffee, the sound of chat and laughter, the luxury of comfortable seating while chatting with pals or even sitting alone, reading or writing.

My favourite is An Tearmann (pronounced 'On Charmin') Kilcullen, Co Kildare, where I spend half an hour most Saturday mornings -tough job but someone's got to do it - while waiting for my badminton playing thirteen year old.

You could say it's a bookshop and craftshop all rolled into one.

The scones are straight from the oven, still warm and melt in the mouth.

Another favourite is Cupcake Riverbank Arts Centre  in Newbridge Co Kildare.
From your table you can watch Newbridge pass by.

while soaking up the theatre atmosphere.

It's a pity more coffee shops don't open at night. Surely a more sociable and alcohol-free (and much cheaper) alternative to the pub?

Any favourite coffee shop recommendations?


Brigid O'Connor said...

Your photos made me hungry:)
I love the coffee shop at Tara Hill in Meath, it is a perfect spot after a long walk on the hill. Culture, history and great food, what more could we want?:)

Debbie said...

I have a little dream of opening a cafe bookshop, where you can read and eat your heart out over a gargantuan mufffin and vat of latte. In the meantime,there's the Orchard garden centre in Celbridge - no books but loads of greenery, frothy coffee and light - the nearest I've got to South Africa in Ireland. A lovely mouthwatering post, Mari. X

Anonymous said...
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Mari G said...

Brigid -Love the idea of a hill walk followed by a stop for coffee.. nice
Debbie - a cafe bookshop...mmm..surely a business idea there worth exploring!

Anonymous said...

All lovely spots, love to idle away a few hours in a bookish cafe reading and eavesdropping. The pictures make me want to leave my warm fire on this cold night to buy something sweet.

Words A Day said...

so your from kildare too!:)
I've often drove past An Tearmann, will definately check it out now. I like the Bay Tree in Athy myself.

Mari G said...

Olive - forgot about the eavesdropping bit, I like that too!
Niamh - will give Bay Tree a whirl next time I'm in the area!

Anonymous said...

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